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India artwork:
These brightly colored artworks were inspired by a trip to India during the summer of 2014. The patterns and colors were taken from the embroidered textiles that were hung above doorways in homes & shops. India is an amazing place full of chaos & charm. My multi-layered artworks reflect the calamity that was my experience of India!

Paula Cox This show of my work is a blast of color, shapes and random marks!
All the images are made from linoleum, carved and printed onto handmade paper & Asian papers. This show began with a large text piece on botanical handmade paper. The text is made up of Texas native animal names in a vibrant watercolor transfer technique done while the paper was newly formed. From there I drew the animal forms onto linoleum and began to print the shapes onto two large circular pieces. I played with bold color and overlapping the forms. Later I added random lines & scribbles for an abstract feel. I've been working with the linoleum print method for several years now and my approach has gotten more painterly. My background in art is painting so this makes sense that I would return to it in a print form. My aim in printmaking is to do individual unique pieces. I am not interested in the traditional method of printing editions that is the normal approach to printmaking. Each piece is unique.
Paula Cox

Two shapes created these paper dresses, the fan & the shirt.  After visiting San Francisco and seeing the Asian Art Museum, the shape of the fan was a stand-out for me.  Using the fan as a skirt I combined it with the shirt to create a dress.  Linoleum prints were used for pattern, lots of shredded elements were added to paper pulp for color & texture.

Paula Cox

Altered books, letterpress books & cards are all represented in this collection.  The artist book is a wonderful & challenging art form.  This medium gives me opportunity to explore the book format with my imagery and work with various book structures. 

Paula Cox

Dogs & cats are my favorites!  I love doing these linoleum prints and using the handmade paper & pulp painting for colorful rugs & furniture.  I also have cut-out some of the animals, mounted them onto wood and covered them with epoxy resin.  It’s fun to have these smooth surfaces contrast with the paper.

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